Some of the services we offer include the following:

Compliance matters

  • Bookkeeping for clients.
    • Bookkeeping is a critical function.  It drives management or labors’ decision making.
    • Bookkeeping is traditionally done in monetary units such as euro, US dollar, yuan, colones and so on.  Money is the typical measuring stick. Bookkeeping can be done or supplemented in non-monetary units of measure such as measures of energy units.  E.g., this is often done in areas of energy production.
    • Bookkeeping drives regulatory compliance and reporting matters including taxation.
    • We are expert in dual- or multi-currency bookkeeping and compliance matters.
  • USA tax compliance with respect to Federal, all states and cities as well as all legal entities. (We use ProFX software a/k/a Wolters Kluwer.  Back in the late 1970s, we were one of their beta sites for ProFX in the USA. Oddly enough, the software is language specific with respect to the necessary computer operating systems.).
    • We are capable of and, in fact, have done corporate consolidations for public companies.
    • Multi-national fund accounting and reporting for private equity and similar including the “reporting packages” for their investors.
  • The accounting, linguistic and currency conversions needed for multi-national tax reporting.
  • On a limited basis, we do the financial reporting including bookkeeping in unusual circumstances such as:
    • The accounting and reporting for the Securities and Exchange Commission filings of public companies in bankruptcy as well as those required by the US Trustees and Bankruptcy Courts. This can include the bookkeeping and compliance work associated with large commercial (public and private) insolvencies with respect to holding companies and their subsidiaries.
    • Trust accountings including multi-national.
    • Fund (or fondo) accountings.


  • Transactional.
  • Financial and investment planning.
  • Long-term tax and operational planning for businesses.
  • Business restructurings and reorganizations including those within insolvencies.
  • Nonprofits including multi-national planning.
  • Lending and borrowing issues.
  • Business governance issues.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Planning to maximize the global benefits of certain specialized areas of taxation such as withholding taxes, the USA foreign tax credit, net operating losses, and tax and regulatory matters concerning financial institutions including troubled financial institutions.
  • Translation (linguistic and reporting methodologies).
  • Financial statements and their attendant audit reports.
  • Tax reporting matters.


  • We often work with architects, engineers, construction people and others in the design and development of factories, offices, retail, residential buildings to optimize the tool or real estate to its use including, but not limited to, reducing capital costs and operating costs.  We have a wealth of experience and education in this very area.
  • Esthetics count.  E.g., esthetics has a direct and proven relationship to human health.  Stress kills.
  • This area goes directly to limiting contamination.  E.g., used furniture, including antiques, reduces waste.
  • We have represented fashion designers.  Fashion counts including in the context of health.

Systems audits or studies

  • We do this with a focus on optimizing energy consumption, optimizing plastic use and minimizing waste or cost which is, of necessity, a reduction of contamination.
  • Optimizing the management of inventories.

Systems audits or studies

  • We do this with a focus on optimizing energy consumption, optimizing plastic use and minimizing waste or cost which is, of necessity, a reduction of contamination.
  • Optimizing the management of inventories.

For lawyers and their clients

  • Litigation strategy.
  • Financial and tax matters.
  • Case management.
  • Financial reporting including within insolvencies and the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as other global regulatory bodies.
  • Forensic accounting and investigation.
  • Expert witness.

Family matters

  • Intergenerational planning including transfers.
    • Wills and trusts.
    • Transfer taxes including estate and gift.
  • We have experience and expertise where the citizenship/residency of family members is fractured by nation state including in the context of our family.
  • Divorce including very large and multi-national/multi-jurisdictional circumstances.
  • In very limited circumstances, acting as trustee of certain family trusts including on a multi-national level.

Immigration and emigration

  • This typically involves advising and assisting clients and their counsel in this process within the areas of our expertise. E.g., there are nearly endless tax related matters.
  • We have a unique perspective and experience. More than a few members of my family and I have immigrated and emigrated multiple times.


  • Advising and assisting counsel in connection with various matters including defending and correcting the failure of the client in meeting international reporting obligations or worse.
  • On a very limited basis, we will directly represent a client in “catching up” on filing issues and correcting prior errors. There is overlap. We generally prefer to work with counsel. However, where the “infractions” are clearly mistakes and not a consequence of mal intent, we will occasionally represent directly.

Areas of expertise and experience

  • Financial institutions including in the context of their holding companies, bond holders and other creditors.
  • Energy including alternative.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Construction.
  • Retail.
  • Agriculture.
    • Northern America (the USA Middle West, Florida and New England) – cattle, horses, grains, etc. With respect to animals, we have experience with both breeding and feeding operations.
    • Tropical – cattle, coffee, cacao, fruits, grains, etc.
    • Forestry both in the context of New England hard wood and tropical such as teak and other so-called exotics.
  • Real estate.
  • Professional firms.
  • Investment portfolios whether held individually or in corporate, partnership or trust form.
  • Entity theory on a multi-national and multi-cultural basis including from a legal system point of view.
  • Financial reporting.


  • Teaching both formally and informally in various educational institutions and before private groups.
  • Our local and international internship programs.


  • We work in English, Spanish, German and French.  Part of our roll is often in the area of conceptual translations in technical areas including law, accountancy, financial reporting and similar.  However, we have experience in this area in the sciences, medical, engineering, architecture, agriculture and design. This process often includes more than one translator.
  • Our libraries in the general area of translations are extensive where often the books and other material are out of print and not on the internet.  We do have experience with and continue to test some of the automated transliteration software.
  • Computers and software are, in fact, linguistic.  This is an area where we extensive experience.