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Our Offices and Meeting Space Available

Chapple Blondet has space available for rates by the day and by month.

Chapple Blondet located in this great neighborhood Trejos Montealegre in San Rafael de Escazu explicitly to meet the challenges of these times. We are recycling this great property. We moved inbound to reduce our carbon footprint including that incurred by many of us with daily commuting as well as eliminate the consumption of our time while sitting in a car for hours as we commute to the place we work.

Chapple Blondet typically does charge an hourly rate for our professional work in the monetized economy. However, time is the post precious thing in life where, in this context, it cannot be monetized but it can be stolen including tiempo morte (dead time) sitting in my car or a bus in traffic.

Chapple Blondet is a professional firm focused in accountancy, law, diplomacy and consultancy. We trace our origins including so many great teachers to New England and New York in USA, the Middle West of USA, Germany, Russia and the Middle East as well as South America.

Access and directions to these offices are easy. There is parking available without additional charge. Taxi service is nearby as are the bus stops

Thus, we offer space, both for a short time and longer times to those of like minds and souls.

We are located near many restaurants of varying styles and cost. We are within walking distance of Escazú Village, Plaza Atlantis, Plaza Maynard, etc. The swim club H2O is within 30 meters. There are several parks nearby and gardens within, albeit our gardens are not yet mature.

For those who bicycle to work or workout during the day, we have shower space available in a full bath private in the sala de muchacha.

The space includes the common areas such as the Chapple Blondet’s kitchen, half bath and conference rooms.

Chapple Blondet’s libraries are available including law, literature and linguistics. Our dictionaries and other materials, including technical, span English, Spanish, German, French with a small amount of Icelandic. Other subjects of interest include law, accountancy, attest, economics, architecture, engineering, design and history.

We have a common work area with a copy and printing machine as well as binding equipment to the style of Chapple Blondet. For larger jobs as well as differing styles, we use Jimenez y Tanzi which is within walking distance. Jimenez y Tanzi provides FedEx and similar services.

Our space is furnished in both contemporary and antique. Of course the use of antiques is recycling of furnishings.

The construction of this building commenced in 1996 with the design work done by an extraordinary woman. The architectural style is postmodern. She engineered and designed this building to the highest principles including reducing contamination. E.g., there is no space in this building occupied by human beings which needs artificial lighting during daylight hours. The space is approximately 450 square meters. Of course this reduces the need to consume electricity but it also provides a comfortable and healthful environment for those of us who work here.

As it turns out, she was unable to fully complete this building. It is an honor for Chapple Blondet to succeed her in the care, custody and responsibility for this property and to continue evolving this great structure in a manner fully consistent with the founder’s and our principles.

Other points of interest include:

▪ Universal is located in Escazú Village well within walking distance.

▪ Supermercado Saretto, AutoMercado, PeriMercado, Mas x Menos and Mussi are within walking distance.

▪ We have internet connectivity via co-axel cable for four independent connections. We do not use Wi-Fi but, rather, there are line of sight towers providing internet and other telecommunications services via ICE/Kölbi.

There are limitations which can be summarized as respectful use.



▪ We have two private offices available where the monthly rental is US$1,500. Terms and conditions are negotiated on an individual basis.

▪ There are two conference rooms, one seating 8 or more and the second seating 4. The smaller could easily be used as a private office as well.


There is a main solon which is often used to meet with clients as well.

These spaces are ideal for meetings in this part of the Central Valley. This location can, for example, minimize a professional’s time, our colleagues’ time and our clients’ time where more of the group is located near this space.

The main platform or first floor includes outdoor space which can be used for smaller functions both during the day or early evening.

Daily charges for business hours (8 am to 6 pm) Monday through Friday:

  • For one or two people the rate is US$80 per day per person.
  • For people in excess of two but less than eight in total (six additional) is US$40 per day.
  • The availability and cost for small events or time beyond 8 am to 6 pm as well as Saturdays and Sundays will be determined on an ad hoc basis. Events need to be business related and scheduled well in advance.

All sums are payable in advance.

References are required.


Other photos of our space:

Two viewws of main entry foyer.

The left is one of the private offices. On the right is the main conference or meeting room.

The main kitchen.

Staircase to upper offices with atrium, library and meeting space. The second photo is the exterior from the street or front of the building.