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Garage Sale

The solution to resource limitations and contamination is not found in recycling.

The first part of the solution is to not use the substance or process in question, directly or indirectly.

The next part of the solution is to first optimize and then fully use or consume that which is necessary or desirable.  Thus, where I have not fully consumed something, I need to sell it back into the human system for the remaining time it is useful and functional.

After it is fully consumed, we then need to convey it into a proper system for waste disposal including, in some cases, the classic form of recycling.

Here at Chapple Blondet we have several internal systems for this process including full composting systems for organic matter which includes a meaningful portion of the waste paper from office operations.  However, one needs to use care here largely focused on the ink and certain papers, especially the ink in the cartridges used for printing documents. Some of the more permanent or archival inks necessary, in part, should not be composted in composting systems such as those we operate here or in typical residential systems.

We have extensive libraries in paper book form, electronic form including ebook format, film and other media.  I am an avid reader. From time to time, our collection is culled a bit as not all books are proper in our permanent collection.  So, we sometimes have books in our Garage Sale. Typically, excess books are given free of charge to those who have an interest.

We have been in a 15 year process of recentering the practice.  This is part of an evolutionary process we, like our predecessors, use in response to ongoing change.

Hence, this is the origin of this portion of our web site.

Some of the items listed below, especially light fixtures, are brand new, never being removed from their boxes.  These are simply excess relative to those needed in renovating this office location.

  1. 2011 Citroen C5 with C6 transmission and hydraulic suspension with about 31,000 kilometers of use.  It is front wheel drive with a four cylinder engine. When we relocated the offices, we intentionally moved in-bound to city center.  Thus, the bus stops are within a 100 meters; the train is nearby, there are ample taxis and taxistas. Most everything we need is within an easy walk.
    1. Furthermore, I relocated my apartment which is imbedded in the same lot but separate from the office.  Thus, I now avoid what had become a regular two hours each way of morning and night commuting to go from our offices in Tierra Forte to my prior apartment in San Miguel.  Previously, it was 15 minutes if I hit the Paco semáforo wrong.
    2. So, this is the mode we have used in our homes and offices in Frankfurt, Boston, Centerville, New York and Caracas.  It is called urban and public transportation which reduces dead time, contamination, monetary cost and more. It allows us to be more responsive to clients and have a moment to read a book in the evenings together with a quiet evening meal.
    3. Thus, while this car has to be one of the best new tech automobiles I have ever owned, it no longer suits my needs and, thus, is dead capital with operating costs associated.  However, for someone in a differing circumstance, it is ideal.
    4. It has stood me well on the autopista, the urban streets of the metro Central Valley and the farm roads of Santa Rosa.
    5. It was imported by Citroen in Uruca.  They have serviced the car well. We use and have used these Citroens (this current C5/C6 and the former DL) in Europe, Iceland and North Africa in the past and then again today as Citroen has renovated the tech.  Recently, Peugeot/Citroen acquired General Motors of Europe which is generally Opel (Germany) and Vauxhall (British) technology. In the past the Seidman/Otte portion and predecessor firm to Chapple Blondet represented Daimler Benz Stuttgart and some of the USA dealer network.  I served on that team. Saab appears to have been returned to Trollhättan, Sweden with a little help from China and thankfully so. (My mother’s husband was the first Saab dealer in USA.) In short, I am a bit of a car enthusiast.    ₵11,000,000
  2. Panasonic multi-line office telephone system KX – T77530.  E-bay lists these from US$30,000 to close to US$100,000. If I am wrong on the pricing, I welcome correction of my view.  This was used in our prior offices. It simply is not suited for this office space. The reason this is being sold is the current offices had a 14 line system already imbedded in the building which operates a bit differently.  Thus, this Panasonic system is redundant. It just sits in a box in the closet. As mentioned, the price is a casual reference to e-bay. There are five desk sets plus the main controlling system which can be easily expanded. The system works well both with a receptionist function and not.  I chose this system for our prior offices and was very satisfied with this Panasonic.    US$28,000
  3. 43” Sony flat panel TV     ₵160,000
  4. Samsung Andriod tablet (likely sold)    ₵100,000
  5. 1970s bicycle     ₵100,000
  6. Cuisinart stainless steel microwave oven     ₵60,000
  7. Shop vacuum cleaner     ₵50,000
  8. Clothes iron     ₵5,000
  9. Hand woven hall runner rug     ₵300,000
  10. Area rug about 2 m by 1.5 m of Belgian chenille     ₵95,000
  11. Metal chandelier     ₵30,000
  12. Large ceiling light     ₵30,000
  13. Larger outdoor wall lights     ₵5,000
  14. Smaller outdoor wall lights     ₵2,000
  15. Hanging outdoor lights or lanterns    ₵5,000